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Brian ready to proofread and edit a document

My name is Brian Suderman. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies from Northland College. I’ve just finished a long career with the National Park Service, where I frequently edited and proofread newspaper articles, brochures, informational books, wayside exhibits and vistor center exhibits, many of which are read by millions of park visitors. Writing was also an important aspect of the job. I’m an avid reader, and have a natural knack for understanding grammar, punctuation and use of the English language. Having lived in the United States all my life, I am a native English speaker, and am ideally suited to proofreading and editing material by writers with English as a second language or material that has been translated into English. Of course, in the process of launching my proofreading business, I have extensively studied proofreading and copy editing.

I’m dedicating my time and energy to Proofing Excellence, and will devote my efforts to delivering a product you will be happy with, completed with a quick turnaround.

You’ll find my rates very reasonable compared to many other proofreaders.

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