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Welcome to your proofreading solution.

Do you have a written document that has to look and sound just right? It might be a website, book, résumé, blog, periodical, academic paper, article, or marketing document. I will transform that piece of writing into an error-free, easy to read document that you will be proud of! My thorough proofreading includes a detailed look at:

  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • grammar
  • alignment and formatting
  • case
  • tense
  • spacing
  • word usage

If you wish, I will also do some light editing, making suggestions for minor sentence structure revision and re-phrasing for improved readability, consistency, flow, and clarity.

Among my reference materials are Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, The Chicago Manual of Style, and the McGraw-Hill Desk Reference for Editors, Writers and Proofreaders.

Why Proofing Excellence?

With me, you’ll get excellent proofreading results and personalized service at a great price from an individual, not a big company with hired proofreaders who are given assignments. I will be available to answer your questions, and will give you the attention and respect you and your document deserve. I state my prices up front and will readily discuss them with you by email. You won’t have to log in to a website or fill out long forms just to get a quote.

My goal is complete satisfaction with the process and the final product from you, my valued customer!

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